You are going to need a friend. I ran out of time to get the AI working.

Bokah is a fight to the death made of pure light. Based on my Bokah, I am incredibly short sighted and the only upside is the pure beauty of lights at night. It is an explosion of colour and pattern. I tried my best to draw it and the game is made entirely of this image.

Player 1 controls: Arrows and “m” to fire

Player 2 controls: wasd and “r” to fire

Don’t go too far from the Rainbow centre or you will loose life over time.

Fire to engage your default stance

Once you have your stance equipped, your weapon time line will start to move. Hit the beat to fire a weapon

If you miss you will lose life and your stance will turn off

Change stances by hitting the alternative colours

Each stance has different properties

Every time you fire you sacrifice 12HP

The HP ‘powers’ your weapon. The HP attached to the projectile drops off at a steady rate. Be quick and you can pick it back up. You can collect your enemies HP too! Any HP still attached acts as a damage multiplier.

Find your rhythm, work out your combinations and annihilate the light. Be careful not to be too trigger happy. Sacrifices will be made.

I had so much I wanted to do but this is as far as I got. Enjoy


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