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Post Jam is live with better levels, less bugs and more bounding! Enjoy


Gameloop = collect resources > take them to person > travel often > buy upgrades > repeat

ADVICE - Don't go to level 3 without a stockpile of the first 3 logs unless you want a hard time. Take 10 of each and you will be fine. Check your inventory (I or back button) before you commit. All the other levels are OK. 

Boundaroud is a 3rd person platforming resource gatherer where you play as Billy, a boy who helps gather the resources needed to build homes in the wilderness for his new friends. As the intensity of the challenges turns up so too does Billy's movement options, bounding around the map to avoid plummeting into water. Deposit your loot before you die, or else you will lose it all. Careful Billy boy!

Access the controls from the pause/setting menu in game. 

Use a controller for the best experience!

Made by Arron Fowler, LawrenceWV and Marcus Watkiss Veal
Softwere Used: Gimp, Midjourney, Garage Band, Unity, Blender

Keyboard | GamePad Controls:

Arrow Keys | L Stick - movement / wiggle when stuck (+ menus)

Z | A - jump

X | R Trigger - (hold) spin axe

C | X - dash / move around in trees

R | L - Trigger to rotate camera

I | Back button - inventory

P | Start button - pause and settings (including controls)

Esc - quit (it's immediate sorry, our bad)

Focus: Multi-Use - The answer to all questions was wood. We tried to make everything out of wood, The mechanic, textures, music, everything and we mean everything. All things are WOOD.

Theme use: Turn up the heat - to gradually increase intensity. We turned up the heat on the resource gathering genre

This game was broken with an hour to go. Its a miracle of luck that you can even play it. But the tutorial was a victim. The thing that is not clear is building the houses acts as your in and out of each world. They are also where you buy upgrades. You can regularly visit each world to harvest resources and as you get more powerful you can reach more of each level. Visit the house to store what you have collected. Don't die with loot, you lose it. Sorry for the lack of tutorial. It hurts. 


It's a lot of fun and represents some of what we set out to achieve.


No tutorial / sound effects / additional music / Oufits was used in the last house instead of jump in error. Not enough play testing due to a very intense end to an awesome week. Expect glitches and floating trees.

Thanks for playing and we will fix the problems when the play rate is done.


TheSoulSelector & Friends, for that is what we have become


Boundaround 69 MB
Boundaround_PostJam 87 MB

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