ClapBang is a turn based battle royal. The shrinking stage is inspired by the Icelandic Clap. Randomly generated and short rounds guarantee action. Can you be the last man standing?

You are the Red Mech - Kill the Yellow Mech.

Control : Mouse.

Click to move to a new square, but only when you have completed your current movement. The square you are hovering over will turn from white to red when it becomes selectable.
Pick up power ups to increase your load out and tactical options.

On arrival at your chosen square your Mech will fire all selected weapons that are loaded. Different weapons take varied time to load, each move will cycle through the weapons reload and fire ready cycle. (The reload is not visualised - time got to this!)

Fires automatically once you have a power up and will auto target your opponent unless you click on a building. If you select a building it will be targeted until its destruction. The buildings drop power ups so use this to increase your load out.
You can only change weapons when you are still. The Left sided weapons are visualised on the left of the arena and right sided weapons on the right. Selected weapons are shown in red and available weapons in white. These turn grey whilst you are in motion and are unselectable.

Don't fall off the edge. Don't get shot lots. When you are out of life you lose. Sorry the health bar is not implemented. You will have to go on faith.

Pretty simple really. Enjoy this solo effort.

Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
Made withUnity
Tags3D, Ludum Dare 42, Turn-Based Combat
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