SoloDev game created for Develop to Help - Ukraine charity game jam

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Warm Dudes is a cute little puzzle game. The Dude's are pretty cold, the fire is lit but they will not rest until every Dude is warm!

Help the Dudes to help each other find safe passage to the fire. Pick up blocks to plug the gaps. Dudes are not that keen on big drops, steep steps and are especially averse to getting wet. That water is freezing! 


Left Click : Select and move Dudes and place blocks.

Right Click Drop blocks on land. 

Q E : Rotate camera. 

W A S D : Move camera. 

Z X : Switch Dudes

esc : Pause

Theme was 'Stronger Together'

All original content except for AStarPath path finding asset. 

Stay warm my dudes!



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Warm Dudes_Original_Win 56 MB
Warm Dudes_PostJam_Win 71 MB

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I like the game, the puzzles, the graphics are simple but cool =)

good puzzles

good graphics

fits theme

love the voiceacting

overall a good game

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Thanks. If you comment on the submission page then your entry shows up under your comment. Makes it easier to see who is who. I am pleased you liked the voice stuff. Totally out of my comfort zone.

so should i copy it onto the submission page

If you like. Other people who are rating will see it too.